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Steven Seagal meets orphan children
May 4, 2006
Bucharest - Romania

American action-movie star Steven Seagal met a group of children from an orphanage to promote the campaign "Be Intelligent, Not Violent!" initiated by the Bucharest police. According to a press release, the ten children were invited by the actor to attend the shooting of several scenes from the film "Enemy of the Unseen," Seagal's latest action flick, which is being filmed in Romania. Seagal, an actor who has mainly played in violent movies and is also known for his skills in martial arts, said his intention was to prove to children that the "fights" in the movies are not real and that violence is always defeated by intelligence.

The photos of the American actor and the children will be used in the production of educational material for students and posted on the campaign's Web site

"Be Intelligent Not Violent!" was launched by the Bucharest Police and the Bucharest School Inspectorate and is aimed at deterring violence in schools. The initiators of the campaign want to involve as many public figures as possible in the fight against school violence.




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