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Steven Seagal Celebrated his Birthday in Bucharest
April 10, 2006

Steven Seagal at his Birthday Party in Romania

Steven Seagal at his Birthday Party in Romania

The popular action movie star, Steven Seagal, had a small and “very private” birthday party yesterday, while in Romania for shooting “Harvester”, his latest project.

“Harvester”, Steven Seagal’s 29th movie, is a sci-fi story involving aliens. Shooting has just started nearby Bucharest. Some Romanian friends of the actor chose to throw a discrete party for the star in an once famous nightclub, currently undergoing renovations and redecoration. Except for Softpedia reporter, no press was allowed at the location of the thematic party. With a very short list of guests, the party was designed to remind Seagal of the years he spent in Japan.

The Aikido master – Seagal - was pleased to hear of the theme chosen by the Romanian hosts and particularly enjoyed a short representation of martial arts, performed by famous local masters. And as any famous person turning 55 deserves, the actor was surrounded by beautiful women. A Romanian fashion designer put together an “air-hostess” inspired catwalk, just for the “birthday boy”.

Less than 100 guests were present, the list including members from “Harvester”’s team, few Romanian VIPs and many models.

Romica Tociu, the Romanian responsible for the discrete and quiet event, said: “Mr Seagal is a very busy man, he insisted that the party should remain hidden from most of press representatives and wishes to chill out, as he is very busy shooting his new movie.”

April 11, 2006 - Bucharest - Romania


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