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Steven Seagal is interviewed live on "Echo - Mask" of Moscow radio station May 19, 2006

On air of radio station « Echo of Moscow » - Steven Seagal, a film actor and the musician; doctor Jacob Brandt. The ether conducts - Vladimir Varfolomeys

Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – Good evening. You listen to radio « Echo of Moscow ». At a microphone Vladimir Varfolomeys. Our today's visitor – comrade from the United States, the actor, the musician – Steven Seagal. Mister Seagal, good evening. Are glad to welcome you in Moscow. And also I shall present in our studio: doctor Brandt, Jacob Brandt. Hello.

I. БРАНДТ – Good evening

Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – And in conversation will help us переводчица Natalia Shandybina. First of all it is necessary to remind, in this connection mister Seagal has arrived to Moscow

I. БРАНДТ – Perhaps, we shall listen all over again to a song?

Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – the Musical pause?

I. БРАНДТ – Yes. And then we shall explain, why

Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – Let's and act.


Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – Mister Seagal, at me to you a question, what it for a song, and about what it?

Steven – This song how it is independent what person, what trade works: whether it is the policeman, either the fireman, or the doctor – and it is constantly borrowed on the work, and it devotes all life to work, it at all does not have time for its favorite wife, for the daughter. And when it leaves the house, those ideas what it thinks, are sung in this pension.

Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – your party in this song, you the musician in what role?

Steven Seagal - is not important, whether I feel so when I spend so a lot of time for the trade, I as the writer, simply I write that I see, that occurs around.

Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – That is you the author of a song?

SS– I absolutely have written all: both words, and music.

Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – And on what tools play?

SS – I play on a guitar

I. БРАНДТ – I wish to explain, that actually mister Seagal writes music, words and also sings itself, all this executes – and in such role it for the first time предстанет at our ceremony which takes place 21st. All of us it we know as the fine actor

– I so understand century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ, what it of roles executes different, in a life of roles, Jacob much?

I. БРАНДТ – Yes, naturally. In this case, and in a life too as it was found out. For me it was opening. We try to invite people whom … I at once answer a question because me at once ask why, for example, Steven Seagal. I explain, because in all films it struggles with a harm: whether it is good – badly, such or other methods it struggles with a harm

Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – Remind of the ceremony, Jacob.

I. БРАНДТ – ceremony which refers to « Gold heart » on 21st of May takes place, it is the premium which is founded for service to the maximum humanistic values of mankind. That is it is given to people who are devoted the life to other people and try to facilitate to people and a life

Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – At me a question to you, Steven why successful rich taken place people, in this case film actors, are engaged in charity?

SS – Well, give I, first, with you I shall be absolutely frank. There are two types of people: it those people, which very severe, that is those people who do all for public, for press, for the image. Especially for the last 3 – 4 years I saw them in such huge quantity, but, certainly, I never in a life shall name their names. I do not know, in a rate you or not, but for last 25 years I participate in various charitable actions much, I am itself the founder of several welfare funds, in each country in what I happen, I try to visit госпитали where there are children who die of a cancer, other people who die in Africa, starving, and I try to help them as much as possible. But never in a life I invited press specially to show how I participate in these charitable actions.

Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – And what such people how you, can really make? I think, what at the some people the impression can be made, here there have arrived to Moscow here remarkable directors, we have such expression in Russian « wedding generals » – people significant, people remarkable, but can be real advantage of stars of cinema, TV, music requiring not so it is a lot of?

SS – the rich person can Really come, invite press to which, to tell the truth, by and large, absolutely to spit on those who is in hospital, to sign the check for 100 thousand dollars and to tell, buy it necessary medicines, but that I when I visit such places do, I come and I sit down on a bed of the patient, I am was insolent for its hand and try to speak with it, with parents and to present a part of the energy, the heart, the love to these people, and I so think, that it bring advantage, rather than any additional material means much more.

Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – Jacob?

I. БРАНДТ – Well I think, that actually such names large are necessary not as « wedding generals » though that a sin to conceal, they draw attention of press, but the press is less me excites, because people pay to this attention then becomes known, that many children require the help. We work, for example, with the program of rescue of seriously ill patients of children « the Line of a life ». In the past to year after our ceremony the stream of private donations has sharply increased: from 100 roubles up to several thousand dollars. People have started to know, that this such, people have started to understand, that this such. People listen when there are such names which them call to help children and hard sick people.

Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – Steven, whether much you know about Russia and about those problems with which people here collide?

SS – I cannot tell, that I directly well very much know about all problems which draft here in the country, but at me is to learn that here occurs because I know that in my roots Russian blood flows. I met personally many politicians, I met personally Putin. And each time when I come here, I certainly learn as much as possible and more.

Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – And with Putin met not on a wrestling mat? It at us the fan of oriental combat sports.

SS – Certainly, I know, that at it the favorite kind of sports is a judo. And it has figurine Карно Джигало, which famous fighter. And I very much respect with it that it, certainly, itself was engaged a judo and is as though the follower of east philosophy.

Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – One of the questions which have come from our listeners on the Internet-site of " the Echo of Moscow », says: « If on a ring there will be two fighters, one studied айкидо, another – таэквондо who will win? » And I переформулирую this question. If not a ring will meet Сигал (Seagal) and Putin who will win?

SS – Well, children, first, I would like to tell, that in connection with that I am very spiritually adjusted on this trip on participation in your action « Gold heart », therefore I would not like so many to joke of this transfer. Therefore I met Putin and spoke long enough. We discussed problems in the world, and I personally very much respect with it, and I like all its ideas which it has informed me.

Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – Here what you are engaged in charity, on it has affected yours … not hobby, and your employment by the Buddhism?

SS – Certainly, very much changes in a life when you devote the life and spend a lot of time with people who suffer and which die. And it is not important, you adhere to what religion: whether you the Christian, a moslem or the Buddhist – the main thing, that you during understanding of this religion itself become such person who can help to suffer to other people less

– you yourselves can name century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ the pacifist? More recently, I shall remind, Hollywood was divided on two parts in occasion of the Iraq war. The Most part opposed wars, someone has supported Bush. In case of the war and peace, you borrow what position?

SS – I certainly can name myself unequivocally pacifist, but basically I the soldier when I should be at war, I shall be at war

Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – And as the United States concerning Iran, the countries should act now, by the way, not another's to you. Whether it is necessary to be at war with Iran?

SS – I so think, that the United States have entered Iraq because of Iran. Basically, at Iran a problem. And certainly, Iran is as though праотцем fundamentalism. I consider, that each person is free in a choice of the religion, and in that album which you now put, there is just a song « My garden » in which it is sung that, basically, all religions are identical. But I against the nuclear weapon, independently, in what country it am.

Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – In your opinion if the government of the United States, the government of your country, will begin war against Iran, you support it as the person?

SS – Unfortunately, I am negative enough to it I concern, I, basically, consider, that it only a matter of time, basically, war, probably, will begin. But as I was brought up outside of America, I was brought up in Asia, therefore for me this all is heavy enough.

Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – We shall return after a small pause. I shall remind, on air of radio « Echo of Moscow » Steven Seagal.


Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – And we again on air. At a microphone Vladimir Varfolomeys. And our today's visitor – the American actor and musician Steven Seagal. Well here in ипостаси the musician you know, to tell the truth, a little, at least, here in Russia. This your new hobby, or for a long time be engaged in it?

SS – To tell the truth, me it seems, that all the same many people in Russia know, that I the musician. Generally I have started to play on musical instruments when to me was 5 more – 6 years. And I already participated in various rounds worldwide and acted at concerts much earlier, than I have borrowed in actor's career.

Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – the majority of us basically is simple saw at you in hands knifes and automatic devices, and at all a guitar. And to present such person strong, as you, with a musical instrument difficultly enough. Though at those concerts, on that performance which will be in Moscow, I think, many can be convinced that our visitor owns different tools and the different weapon. In this case I mean also a guitar too as the weapon which sounds get

SS – I have understood.

Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – we shall Translate?

SS – At me all is normal with a head, certainly, all I own, and to these too, thanks.

Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – At us is a lot of questions from listeners of " the Echo of Moscow », questions which in advance send on our Internet-site. I suggest to answer some of them, maybe. For example such question from Edward: « Tell, please, that you appreciate above all in the man and the woman? What to you it is the closest on spirit in east beliefs? »

SS – Love.

Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – we Shall go to a following question. Whether « you appreciate presence of sense of humour in people? And how you consider, at you good sense of humour? » - Ilya Raevsky from Samara asks.

SS – I consider, that at me the best sense of humor. I in general most юмористичный the person. I the most ridiculous in this world

Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – the Question from Лиды Зурабовой from the Caucasian republic Ingushetia: « you the second the man in the world, - for some reason the second, - after Ruslana Aushev behind whom any woman will go on edge of light: so you are courageous and charming. A question: whether is not present at you in a sort of an impurity of the Caucasian blood? »

SS – First, I wish to be the first.

Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – Лида, you heard, Steven Seagal the first!

SS – First, at me any Russian blood, and, probably, any Mongolian because see, at me such eyes flows: a little bit slanting and lowered.

Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – the Question from Maria from Nizhni Novgorod …

SS – Yes, and Sicilian, certainly too blood, therefore I such. Therefore at me dark enough leather, because in the south of Sicily very big influence of the African roots.

Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – the Question from Maria: « Dear Steven, whether hard time to act as all of you in role of the superhero? »

SS – Yes I consider, that the more I can be the superhero, the better it for everything, and I still itself am happy from it.

Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – whether « you Observe any diets for maintenance of the form and prolongation of a life? » - Andrey is interested

SS – In four days I again get on a diet because I prepare for new film which will be removed in Louisiana from July, 1st.

Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – There will rescue again the world?

SS – no this film more about a blues, about people, about color people, about what live in Louisiana, about their struggle

Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – Well, and last, probably, a question on which we shall have time to give the developed answer now. I have specially prepared for it in end of our conversation. Sergey from Moscow suburbs: « What your musical preferences? What play? » Can, leave from мейн-стрима?

SS – First, I have grown in such an atmosphere where I was surrounded with legendary musicians, блюзовые musicians. (IN RUSSIAN): « Legendary! »

– you heard century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ, how it has sounded! It is the special answer that who does not trust, that Steven Seagal has Russian roots! Thanks big. Steven Seagal on a visit on radio « Echo of Moscow ».

SS – Thanks.

Century ВАРФОЛОМЕЕВ – And here bright acknowledgement of its musical predilections, a living example now will finish our conversation.







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